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Guide to a Successful First Year Camp

For many clubs, running a First Years camp is paramount to their success of the year. They offer an opportunity...

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Reviewing and Planning for Events for Club Execs

You know the end is near when Michael Buble's Christmas album is being played in shopping centres, exams are...

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6 Steps for a Seamless Transition Into New Leadership Roles

If you're reading this, you've probably just been elected in a new leadership role - congrats! You're also...

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Managing Your Time as a Club Executive

For all students who take on club and society roles, time management strategies are essential if you want to...

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Themes to Transform Your Event

As a club organiser, it can be useful to consider your events long before any deadlines may arise. That all...

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Cracking the Code to Securing Sponsorships and Partnerships

Too often I witness people sending off bulk emails to various companies requesting sponsorships. These emails...

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Maximising Memberships

Ever wondered what the key to attracting new members to your organisation is? Wonder no more and read ahead...

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Crafting Compelling Event Descriptions

A potential attendee just clicked on your event. Within 10 seconds, they will have decided whether or not...

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How to Succeed on a Tight Executive Budget for Clubs

If you and your team have faced budget constraints, you're not alone. In a recent survey of event creators, 4 out of...

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Optimising Branding and Social Media for University Clubs

Most university clubs and societies don't consider their club as a brand. While university associations are mostly...

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