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Platform Improvements and New Features - February 2020

UseGet Australia
Posted by UseGet Australia on Mar 4, 2020 12:40:34 PM

Get is excited to share some new features that we have released since the start of the year - all intended to improve your experience on our platform, provide you with greater functionality, and empower your ability to run your organisation to it's greatest potential.


Announcing Promo Codes for Merchandise


You can now set Promo Codes for any Merchandise item that you set up through Get. This supports your organisation to run sales on old stock, incentivise purchases, or reward loyal members with a discount.

You have full control over the Promo Codes, including their name, how many are able to be redeemed, and the discount amount or percentage.


For your customers, using the coupon code is easy and shows them the discount in simple terms. The same happiness they feel when they receive an event discount is now available for merchandise!


Announcing Social Proof Notifications

Visitors to your Event pages will now see Social Proof Notifications, proven to increase your guestlist. These are popups that display that '50 people have recently purchased tickets' or 'Sophie from Australia bought a ticket 2 minutes ago'. Our data shows that with Social Proof Notifications, 30% more people press 'Get Tickets', and 34% more people finalised a purchase.




Announcing File Uploads for Custom Questions

Sometimes, you may need to collect information from buyers that isn't available via Text Answer, Dropdown, Multiple Choice or Checkbox question types. Announcing the File Upload feature - where you can request the upload of photos, documents and PDFs. 


This is useful in verifying identities, accepting applications and CVs, and collecting registration/liability forms.



Announcing Tax Settings for Events

Income and goods (for example, a ticket) are tax subjects in every country. As a taxpayer, your organisation may have a responsibility to fulfil it; whether it's from your income or your buyer's. Previously, within the Get platform, you could not pass it to your buyer automatically or track how much money in your Finances was due to tax. Now, easily set the tax percentage of your event and decide whether you or your buyer will pay for it. Easily generate your event's invoice to see more details on collected/absorbed tax.




Improved Security Measures

With a greater emphasis on user data protection and all-round system security than ever before, our engineers have deployed a myriad of security upgrades to the Get platform and infrastructure. Get have worked with on a round of penetration tests late last year. Through it, it was found that there were no critical vulnerabilities. Rectification works were carried out for other lower levels of vulnerabilities. Additionally, industry-standard data encryption is applied on multiple areas of our systems, ensuring greater levels of data protection for our users.

There are now more levels of access controls on the Get platform. With more levels of administrative permissions, organisations can now have granular controls for each organisation admins to manage their members' sensitive data. All forms of data that could be fetched from our servers are scrutinised to only allow the users with the relevant permission to access.Internally, and for organisations as well, we have improved our audit trails to track down all user actions and the origin of their requests. Get continually strives to maintain its security to the highest level.


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