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Bored in isolation? Try these free apps and websites!

UseGet Australia
Posted by UseGet Australia on Apr 15, 2020 10:29:37 AM

Embracing the isolation life probably means you’re granted with a lot of extra spare time. While it can be tempting to curl up in a ball and binge every TV show on Netflix, experts are suggesting that we use this time to reconnect, grow and learn.

Among the COVID-19 crisis, so many businesses are offering extended free trials or extra additions for free to help us cure any boredom and learn some new skills in the process. Whether you’re interested in learning another language or want to master a yoga position, there’s something out there for you!

We’ve done the research and put together a list of some of the best freebies on offer right now.



Are you studying a language at uni and worried about falling behind now that all your classes are virtual? Or have you always wanted to learn another language but never found the time or money? This is your chance! Babbel is an app that teaches users Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portugese, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Indonesian and Danish. The app starts from a beginner level and focuses on your personal interests. It also has built-in speech recognition so you can also nail that pronunciation.

Babbel usually charges a monthly subscription fee starting from $9.99, but they’re giving students one month absolutely free! This gives you the chance to see if you like the app and the language you start to learn, or allows you to brush up on some old language skills.


If you love to get your creative juices flowing and are itching to learn a new skill, Skillshare is the perfect place to start. Skillshare features a wide range of artists sharing their skills on everything from photography and illustration to design and business tips. Each tutorial has step-by-step instructional videos so you can follow along and go at your own pace.

Skillshare has so many free videos on their website, and are also offering 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free. This deal is available all year round (not just for the pandemic) so whenever you’re ready to get experimental and put your creativity to the test, Skillshare will be ready for you.


Have you got a camera lying around but you’re not quite sure how to use it? For the entire month of April, Nikon is offering free online photography classes. While having a Nikon camera is best for these classes, you can use any camera you have and adapt the skills to suit your own camera.


Looking for something new to read? Similar to Audible and Kindle, Scribd is an online platform with unlimited magazines, books, audiobooks and documents. With prices usually starting at USD$8.99 per month, they’re allowing you to read free for 30 days - redeemable any time. 

Health and fitness


If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the stresses of isolation or just feeling a little lost, practicing mindfulness and meditation might be the place to start. Headspace is an app which has guided meditations, sleep tips, workouts and help with managing stress and anxiety. Subscriptions start at $12.99 a month but Headspace is offering some free services to offer support during the COVID-19 crisis, including free meditations on their website.


Just because the gyms are closed, doesn’t mean you can’t workout! If you love working out with people and love direction, there are so many workouts out there you can do from home. Youtube has hundreds of pre-recorded free workouts you can do with no equipment, including everything from full body cardio and dance HIIT to yoga and meditation. We suggest picking ones with a lot of views and positive comments.

Keep it Cleaner is another brand offering free workouts twice a week. They live stream equipment-free workouts from their Facebook and Instagram at 7am AEST Monday and Wednesday mornings every week. This is a great way to stay connected with other people and get moving together. If you like these live workouts, they also have an app with workout plans, meal and recipe ideas, and a wellness hub with meditations. 

Down Dog

Looking for some home workout inspiration or are you ready to bring out your inner yogi? Down Dog has a range of apps that allow you to personalise your workout, covering everything from yoga to HIIT. All of their apps (Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout) will be completely free until May 1st.



Connecting with friends and family has never been easier. Houseparty is a completely free app that allows you to video call your friends, either individually or as a group. You can even play games on the app, such as Heads Up and Quick Draw. You’re also notified when another friend is online ‘in the house’ and available for a chat.

Netflix Party 

Missing movie nights with your BFF’s? Netflix Party is for you! This chrome extension synchronises video playback and adds group chat to your favourite Netflix shows. This means you and your best buds can be watching the same Netflix show at the same time, sharing those ‘wow’ moments with each other. 

News publications removing paywalls

Staying up to date with the latest news has never been easier. Not only are we able to access the latest information instantaneously through the internet, a lot of news publications have removed some of their paywalls to allow people to access important information. Some of these include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and AP News to name a few. 

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