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Responsibilities and How to Succeed as a Top 3 Club Executive

Being elected as either President, Secretary or Treasurer at your club comes with huge responsibility. There can be...

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The Best Email Practices You'll Ever Learn

With an increasingly digital world, email has become one of the most important communication tools we have. A lot of...

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Society Websites – How-To and What to Include

Having a website is so important for a society. A website is the best way to have all the information about your...

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3 Reasons Why Networking is Important for Your Members

Networking. It’s a word that excites some students, and scares others. Regardless of your standpoint, networking is...

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3 Golden Rules for Effective Online Communication

Many clubs rely on face-to-face interactions with their members to keep them engaged and interested. In between...

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Email Opportunities You’re Not Taking

We know that emailing our members regularly is important for engagement. You might think that emails are only good...

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Emailing Your Members: The Dos and Don'ts

Emailing your members is a great way to connect and engage with them directly. Whether you’re wanting to notify them...

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Bored in isolation? Try these free apps and websites!

Embracing the isolation life probably means you’re granted with a lot of extra spare time. While it can be tempting...

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How to Run an Online Workshop

If you’re a faculty based club, running workshops that help develop the skills of your members is probably a central...

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How-To Guide to Creating Merchandise

Merch. It's a scary word, we know. For any club or society executive, merchandise can be one of the most exciting...

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